How You Can Help

We are completely committed to bringing these four beautiful siblings home, and have done everything in our power, so far, to save up to get them here. We have eliminated all unnecessary spending but with a potential travel date coming up, we’re beginning to see a wall ahead. Unless we can pull together a bit more funding, our travel timeline will be delayed and the kids will have to wait longer than they’d otherwise have to.

While we didn’t want to have to rely on the support of our family, friends, community and adoption grant foundations, we knew that these kids couldn’t just wait. Due to Steve’s unique position as an officer in the military, physical fundraisers are strictly off-limits to our family. Therefore, we are limited to donations from family and friends, our online fundraising campaign and applying for grants.

Including travel costs, we’re projecting that this adoption will cost roughly $57,950 (although $60K is a more conservative estimate) to get these kids home. We’re closing in on the finish line!

We expect that we will be traveling around the end of October or early November of this year, and at that time, the bulk of the expenses will be due ($29,000 plus airfare, accommodation fees, etc).

So how can you help?

First and foremost, we needs prayers. Prayers for our kids’ safety, security and health. Prayers that things run smoothly regarding the submission of our dossier and the process in country. Prayers that we can get them home before Christmas.

Secondly, we have an online fundraising campaign, if you feel led to give. This is set up with an adoption account we opened and every dollar donated is going directly towards the adoption expenses. The link for that is: 

We thank you for your support, your prayers and your financial help so far. We can’t wait to welcome these wonderful kids into the family.