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This week, we received the call that we’ve been waiting for since September: “Your appointment with the Ministry is scheduled for December 5th. You can finally book flights!”

The relief was tangible. Our dossier was accepted (on it’s initial look-over… it’ll be reviewed again after our referral appointment) and we finally have an appointment to meet with the Department of Adoption and the Protection of Children’s Rights, to proceed with the next BIG step of our adoption.

We immediately booked flights (stopping over in Seoul and Almaty, Kazakhstan), and we’ll be arriving later in the evening on December 3rd. As of right now, we are exactly 15 days, 4 hours, 11 minutes and 56 seconds away from flying out of Guam. It feels so surreal.

So what now? We are re-packing our “go bags” for what seems like the 200th time, making sure everything is in order at home, celebrating Thanksgiving in the midst of all of this, and trying to enjoy our last couple months as a family of 2 (and 2 cats) amidst all of the chaos. Steve will be returning to Guam after our appointments and initial meetings with the kids are through, until our court date comes up, and I (Audrey) will be staying in Ukraine during this time. At this point, at least one of us will be in Ukraine for Christmas and our 3rd married anniversary. It’s definitely going to be a bit of weird year as far as holidays are concerned.

And as for the child or children? Who is coming home? Honestly, we don’t know yet! The planner in me is going absolutely crazy, but I know we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve now seen a few profiles and will continue to see several more (including at our ministry appointment, if we aren’t decided before then) until we have a definite direction. While we already feel drawn to one individual already, we’re tentative to not announce anything until we’ve had our ministry appointment and things are a bit more set in stone. At the moment, we are currently leaning towards one to two children, depending on how logistics shake out. The sibling group of four was a very unique situation (detailed in previous posts), but an identical situation is not where we feel led. What we do know is that whoever will be joining our family soon will be the best fits for the family.

And for now, we’ll be racing around, tying up loose ends and getting ready to make our journey across the world!

One thought on “WE HAVE TRAVEL DATES!!!

  1. Such excitement! This time next year will be so “tame” compared to now! The final “bring home the children” march is on! Safe travels


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