The Paper Chase is Finally Over!

The last several months of work culminated in finally sending off our dossier this past week! The paperwork is OUT of our hands and will be received in translated form by Ukraine. Now… we wait for travel dates!

These last few weeks were about as insanely busy as can be. It’s been a race to complete this as quickly as possible, because some of the documents have a 6-month expiration date (until they need to be received by Ukraine’s government), and we were coming up on a few of those quickly. Back and forth and back and forth to the Dept. of Administration and Governor’s complex this past week, getting apostilles and certificates of authentication for each paper was truly tiring. On the bright side though, it was at least within driving distance of home! Fortunately, we hit the deadlines! We’re sending one back-up medical file (the only document we were truly concerned about) this week straight to Ukraine, just in case they have an issue with our current ones. Hopefully, it isn’t needed, but we’ve learned that it’s better to be safe than sorry and run into any more delays.

To be honest, sending off our dossier came with a  mix of emotions. On one hand, we’re trying to get paperwork there as quickly as possible and sending the dossier off was a huge step! On the other hand, it means no longer having any control over the paperwork and it’s a little anxiety-inducing to let go of it! Praying everything reaches its final destination without issue!


Each of the above apostilles is attached to a notarized packet of pages. And these are only the Guam apostilles!

So what’s next on the docket? We’re preparing our home, our hearts, and our finances for their arrival! We should be hearing back from several grants shortly and hoping that a few of those come through. We’re also going to continue to actively fundraise, especially as we received news that we can only have one international layover coming back to the States. Since the shorter route home has no less than two international layovers, we need to take the long way around the world (approx 17,000 miles of traveling) across two oceans to get home. Ouch!!!

Stay tuned for future updates! We’re one BIG step closer to having the Ryder family together!

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